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November 2022 Hit List

Former Governor Bill Walker ~

Father of the PFD Grab
Devoted to handing access of our massive gas resource
to the Chinese Communist Party
Perennial and perpetual Liar-In-Chief

Walker 007.jpg


With redistricting this year, virtually all offices in our legislature are up for election. That gives the Alaskan voter an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of these legislators who refuse to listen to the majority of Alaskans. 

Two major issues. 
First, many of these legislator promote the concept that they do not have to follow the laws they create. 
Second, many of these legislators violate the existing State Constitution with ZERO accountability. 

Senator Hit List

Sen Stevens.JPG

Senator Gary Stevens

Senator Stevens is a genuine nice guy who has supported every outrageous budget we have passed over the last 20 years. Watch the "nice guy" get animated when you utter the words...Constitutional Convention! He is quick to fly off the handle. I guess he likes the financial mess we are in and the idea that a lawyers guild controls over 1/3rd of our government. 


Senator Bert Stedman

Senator Stedman "Mr. Seed Corn" is substantially concerned that a full PFD would spend the seed corn of our states savings. Of course he has not problem supporting the excessive government budgets over the years. Some "Bert Magic" makes these expenditures precluded from seed corn. This guy is fully blow full of himself. He needs to go away. 

Sen Stedman.JPG


David Wilson.jpg

Senator David Wilson

Senator Wilson is an expert at wordsmithing. He will jump through hoops backwards to argue that he is a "PFD" warrior but when the rubber hits the road, David has voted for every budget which trimmed 1/2 to 2/3rd of the PFD away from it's rightful owners. 

For years he used the binding caucus as his excuse but that excuse ran it's course last session when he was not bound in his budget vote. He voted to take 2/3rds of your PFD supporting the proposed budget, coming out of the "PFD protection closet."

Put simply, David Wilson is a Democrat.



Sen Revak.JPG


Senator Josh Revak

Senator Click Bishop

All you have to know about Senator Bishop is that he doesn't go to the bathroom without permission from his union bosses. Why this man is a perennial member on Senate Finance is beyond reason. He brings ZERO to the table other than his vote to retain the status quo.


Sen Click.JPG



Former Senate President Cathy Giessel

Guess who is back?
Cathy has been extremely busy in her defeat. For starts, she is Co-Chair to the Bill Walker campaign, 
Co-Chair to the committee against the Constitutional Convention. 

This is no surprise. Alaskan history tells you recycled politicians have a very difficult time getting their mojo back. Bringing her back is like asking for another shot at the gas chambers because you didn't get enough abuse. She is arrogant beyond description. 

Representative Hit List

Former Representative and failed senate candidate 
Dan Saddler

Here comes Dan ready to retread his campaign and get his foot back in the legislature. He is running in the conservative region of Eagle River. All you really need to know is if you don't want a PFD, then this is your man. He believes all state resources belong to the state and he is a large proponent of BIG Government. Don't like the private sector? This is your man!



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