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One can only assume that the Alaska Democrats are aligned
with the National Democrats since they are one big Party. 

So what can you say about the Democrat Party of Alaska and how they are similar. Two issues are very obvious. First, they are extremely disciplined and vote as a block. In this regard, the House enforces a Binding Caucus which undermines each representatives constituent by pledging their vote to the leadership and not their constituents, and second, they love to push bills out in the dark of night at the last moment. 

Last session was a perfect example. The House controlled by the Democrat Majority didn't even meet the only Constitutional requirement to pass a budget in 120 days due to their last minute foot dragging.



So now that we have 
identified that they work 
cohesively as a group, 
let's identify the individual donkeys 

Alaska Donkey Leadership

Rep Stutes.JPG

Speaker of the House
Representative Louise Stutes ( R )

Actually, Louise Stutes is not a registered Democrat. She will look you right in the face and tell you she has been a registered Republican for 40 years. She is a perfect example of a RINO Republican who uses the Republican button for election purposes but is overtly opposed to the Republican Party platform. She claims she is conservative until it comes to abortion or spending money on funding the Marine Highway system. 

There is a serious question whether Louise Stutes has the intellect to run a bar let alone provide leadership to the House of Representatives in Alaska. While she once was a trusted ally to Bryce Edgmon, former Speaker of the House, he appears to have cut her loose and just sits in the back while watching her fail over and over again on the dais as she gavels for constant at ease "briefing sessions" at an unprecedent rate which is downright embarrassing. 

Recently, due to her frustrations with
 a handful of representatives in the House, she has become more Dictator than Speaker; not allowing Representatives to speak on topics she considers "off limits." as she has not allowed members of the House to speak on topics she considers "off limits." One recent example is violating Masons Rules and interrupting a member who specifically called out US Senator Lisa Murkowski's anti-Alaskan motives: Perhaps because her and Lisa are cut from the same cloth and use the (R) after their names for election purposes. 

Ultimately, the House is a complete mess because of this turn coat and her inability to conduct the business of the State in any manner which would be representative of the majority of Alaskans. 

So why do Democrats generally assault the diffenence between women and men?
Currently, they are supportive of the quest to erase gender identification. The assault on women's sports is the most recent
example. This disregard to protect young female athletes and their ability to excel has no justification. Their inability to recognize basic biological facts is a perfect example of pushing their political dogma over sound science. 

Don't think anytime soon you will see Alaska Democrat sponsored legislation which will protect female athletes.  

Representative Kelly Merrick ( R )
Co-Chair House Finance

Again, Kelly Merrick is a registered Republican. She represents one of the most conservative districts in the state in Eagle River so it was a bitter pill when Kelly went over two years ago and gave the Democrats the majority they needed to control the House. 


Rep merrick.JPG

Kelly's betrayal was not completely surprising as her husband is a Union Boss for a local union and an ardent supporter of former AFL-CIO boss Vince Beltrami.   

Now that she is a Co-Chair on the House Finance team, she controls the bills hearings as well as Capital Project money. Can you think of a better place for a Labor Union bosses significant other? Joey Merrick is known as the 41st member of the House. While Kelly claims to "support" the PFD this woman is a key reason why you lost 2/3rd of your PFD last year. 


Have you heard any Alaska Democrat push back against the federal assault on resource development here in Alaska? Isn't it strange that Alaska is primarily a fossil fuel producing state which derives the bulk of its income from resource development and not one Democrat comes forward voicing their opposition to presidential executive orders which stripped Alaska of any meaningful opportunities to bring our resource to market even during a world crisis? 

Is it more important to push "The Green Deal" more than protecting liberty loving citizens in Ukraine as they are being slaughtered by the financial resources Russia receives through the development and sale of their fossil resources?

Where is the resolve from Alaskan Democrats that Alaska can play a key role in assisting our European partners to secure oil and gas options so they are not forced to purchase from Russia? Is unity with their Democrat president more important than a world in crisis? 



Majority House Leader
Chris Tuck ( D )

Chris Tuck has recently declared a race for the Senate to replace Senator Elvi Gray Jackson who has decided to bid for the US Senate against incumbent Lisa Murkowski.


Chris is a smooth operator indeed. He comes off like a nice guy who anyone can approach but make no bones, he is a die in the wool Blue Dog Democrat!  Chris is a staunch supporter of the Binding Caucus which is precisely the mechanism the Democrat controlled House has used for years to take a large portion of your PFD. He talks a good line regarding the PFD but when you parse out his votes, he has ultimately voted for every PFD reduction in the past 7 years. 

3 years ago Chris was hit with a $14,000 APOC violation for campaign violations. APOC generally lowers the violation by 90% so you can imagine the fine he was looking at prior to the reduction! Remember, in his "other job" Chris is an IBEW Union organizer. He is a Big Government Socialist. 

Recently Chris held hearings on the Oathkeepers because of their involvement in the January 6th protests in Washington DC. 
It is Tucks Modus Operandi to wait and see how the wind is blowing before he pushes an issue. This was part of a larger issue of the House Democrats, some of those who believe that membership in Oathkeepers is grounds to be dismissed from the House. Typical "group think" you will find predominent in the Democrat Party. Funny that the Democrats, led by Louise Strutes seem to be embracing McCarthy-ism.

Ultimately, Chris is a Blue Dog Democrat who supports the Party line, but skates the fine line of socialism and Big Government. 
He is a flag bearer of the Alaska Democrat Party. We can only assume he supports Joe Biden and the national Party. 


Former Speaker of the House
Representative Bryce Edgmon ( D )

Talk about Alaska losing a coin toss!!!
This man was initially elected to office on a coin toss and he has been there since. Someone should check that coin!



Have you heard one Alaska Democrat discuss the current crisis we have at our southern border? It is easy to make patronizing statement that we all come from other countries but when you look at the numbers, we have been illegally invaded by almost 2 million aliens who have very little regard for our laws. Add it this issue the idea that we have been in a pandemic for 2 years and there is ZERO screening of this aliens as they are discharged into all sectors of our states. As a citizen, try to get on any flight without and ID card. These aliens were allowed to use their "invasion cards" to obtain flights all over America.

Isn't it an irony that Democrats have an open borders policy here in America and Alaska but act as if they are violated by the border violations in Ukraine. Typical hypocrites!


Bryce Edgmon basically has two jobs. First, he is the gatekeeper to any legislation which goes to the House floor. He is Chair of Rules. In this capacity, Bryce has blocked substantial legislation from going to the floor. one of his recent blocks was the restoration of funding for CACFA which is a citizens advisory panel tasked with the responsibility to fight back against federal overreach. I guess Bryce likes federal overreach! Typical Democrat!

He is adamant that there will be NO constitutional votes by the people. He is a poster child regarding the concept that he knows better how to spend your money. This is why he has consistently voted to take your PFD. Bryce is in bed with the powerful Co-Chairs of Senate Finance Bert Stedman and Click Bishop who both claim to be Republicans but in reality are Big Government socialists. 

His second job is to attempt to keep Speaker of the House Louise Stutes from looking like the Village Idiot. In this capacity he is failing miserably unless this is "his agenda." In any regard, this is a thankless fulltime job. 

Bryce believes that the citizens of his district should not get a full PFD because they have consumption problems and would not spent their money wisely. Strangely, he is part native but agrees with the racist statements that villagers will spend their PFD on TVs, sno-gos, and new four wheelers. Apparently Democrats get a pass on saying such racist statements on a regular basis.   


While Alaska Democrats have certainly had assistance from Big Government Republicans Like Josh Revak and Natasha Von Imhof, the vast majority of Democrats have formed allegiance
to raid the peoples PFD. They have had just enough Republicans join in the raid so they have been enjoying "cover" for their actions. As we all know, the theft of the PFD is a regressive tax which hits the middle and lower income brackets the hardest. Very ironic that Democrats advertise they look out for the "little guy" when they are taxing them into deeper poverty by taking their money. This is common doublespeak from the Democrats as long as they can deceive the general public. Keep voting Democrat, keep giving them your PFD. Simple as that!


Representative Zach Fields (D)
District 20 Downtown Anchorage

Representative Zach Fields is one of the most arrogant representatives you will ever meet. He has extreme vitriol for anyone Republican. 


Zach Fields.JPG

Here is the puppet master for Kelly Merrick. Zach Fields was the voice behind the scenes to convince Kelly to get in the Democrat hot tub. 

Kelly's good buddy, Sara Rasmussen is the object of Zach's affections as he used the House floor to advertise his interests in her physical assets, which he later apologized for.

He has been called out of order more than once for his vitriol toward members outside his Party. This man does not have the maturity it takes to represent Alaska. 

PFD full.jpg
Liz snyder 2.JPG






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