Bingo Card

Following are candidates running in the primary who are the prime targets.

This does not include all who are running but does provide a list of candidates 

who are running on protection of your PFD and lowering the footprint of 

excessive government spend. Generally speaking, these candidates are supportive

of Governor Dunleavy and his agenda. If you are fiscally conservative in nature,

then you know the governor needs our help on August 18. Be reminded, early voting

has begun. 

Senate recommendations:

Re-Elect Shelley Hughes:

Shelley Hughes is a rock star in the Senate. She has taken the slings and arrows simply because she does not vote lock step with Senate President Cathy Giessel. Shelley recently left the Majority Caucus for this very reason.

Roger Holland:

Roger is taking on Senate President Cathy Giessel who just recently is receiving the support of union president Vince Beltrami. He has his storm trooper knocking on doors in a desperate attempt to save her bacon? Why would he run against her last election cycle and then be an ally? Simple...there is no sunlight between their personal policies. This is a clear indication that Senator Giessel supports special interest over Alaskans. 

John Cox:

John is running against one of the longest tenured senators in the legislature, Senator Gary Stevens. When you look at his voting record, he is extremely liberal on the funding side. Senator Stevens is one of the big reasons why we have been in deficit spending for years now and if he is retained, his vote will be to spend more. He has chaired both Senate Education and University committees and we all know how both those programs are stacking up! 

Stephen Duplantis:

Stephen has a huge obstacle to overcome as he is running against the wealthiest senator in the legislature. Not only does Senator Natasha Von Imhof have enough funds to secure her own election, but she seems to invest heavily in the legislators who walk lock step with her policies of dismantling the PFD program and channeling vast sums of money to her favorite non profits to include her own. Word in the street has it that Natasha has her eyes on bigger prizes than simply maintaining her senate seat. You will find no legislator as condescending and arrogant as Natasha. Stephen needs your help!


 Michael Sheldon:

Michael Sheldon is genuinely one of the nicest candidates you will ever meet. He is

solid in conservative principles. His challenger, Bert Stedman is far from a conservative Republican. Bert is one of the main senators who dismantled your PFD. He has not problem channeling state money into projects which benefit himself directly. Check out the road projects in Sitka! Michael is doing everything possible with limited funds to 

retire Bert. He needs help. 

Robb Myers:

Robb is doing everything possible to maintain a fulltime job and run against Senator John Coghill. John Coghill has done everything possible to dismantle the PFD program. He talks about being a "Christian conservative" but his spending record does not bear this out. John Coghill's staff this year cost the State of Alaska almost $400,000! Wrap your head around that! He is one of Senator Giessel's captains in supporting the Binding Caucus. Robb needs your vote!

Stephen Wright:

Stephen is running against Senator David Wilson. The challenge in this district is there are a multitude of Republican candidates in the primary which plays right into the hands of Senator Wilson. It is essential that the voters collect their vote on one candidate and Stephen Wright seems to be the senators strongest opponent. Senator David Wilson is an entirely different candidate than he is a legislator. He campaigns in favor of the PFD and against the binding caucus. His record is exactly the opposite. Don't be fooled by campaign silliness. Look at the record!

Harold Borbridge:

Harold is running against another of Cathy Giessel's foot soldiers. Although Harold seems, at times, to be Josh Revak's campaign manager with his attacks on President Trump....In the end it is far better to have Harold in the senate than a senator who has lied to his constituents about supporting the PFD and has been bought off with committee assignments and Chair positions. Josh admitted to accepting the Binding Caucus Rule prior to his confirmation. Sounds a bit suspect indeed. Harold need your vote. We know what we have with Revak!



House Recommendations:

Sharon Jackson:

Sharon is the perfect conservative, patriot candidate for her district. There is no guessing with Action Jackson. You know where she stands. Sharon has been a consistent champion of supporting the PFD and the return of deductions over the years. She is a solid conservative who has served her country. This is essential as a major portion of her district is JBER. Sharon is a solid supporter of Governor Dunleavy and his agenda. We need Sharon in Juneau.

Ron Gillham:

Ron is running in the primary against Kelly Wolf. Ron needs our support. He has been a strong supporter of Governor Dunleavy. Ron is a very practical, pragmatic conservative. He will be a strong voice for the traditional PFD and a balanced budget. 


Kevin McCabe:

Kevin is running against Representative Mark Neuman who missed the majority of last session due to medical issues. Mark knew this prior to running but it seems his paycheck was more important than representing his constituents. Mark was a huge advocate of spending when he was the House Finance Co-Chair. He singlehandedly put $350 million back in the budget. Don't believe him when he says he is a conservative! Kevin has earned our vote.  

Kathy Henslee:

Kathy is relatively unknown, but one trip to her website and you will be impressed with her policy positions. She should be taken seriously. There is no doubt Kathy would support the governor in developing a budget we can afford. 


 Lynn Gattis:

If you are looking to deliver a legislature the governor can work with, look no further than Lynn Gattis. Lynn has worked with Governor Dunleavy on the Mat-Su School Board, and as a House legislator while Michael was a senator, Lynn supported many of the senator's financial promotions. Lynn has the ability to bring legislators together. Her record is proven.

Mike Cronk:

Mike Cronk is running in a packed field for the House seat of retired representative Dave Talerico. Dave has endorsed Mike as his replacement. Mike is a true conservative Republican who supports the PFD completely. Apart from being an Alaskan basketball star, Mike is well grounded in personal values of self sufficiency. I am certain he will help the governor lower the footprint of government to a level we can afford. 

Tyler Ivanof:

Tyler is a Democrat running against Representative Neal Foster. One only has to remember that Neal Foster was good buddies with Paul Seaton. The two of them attempted to legislate for a State Income tax. Enough said. Tyler needs assistance on August 18th. 

There are many other candidates, but most will be going on into the general election. They are either candidates running in other Parties who are recognized in Alaska ( AIP ) or they are candidates who are collecting signatures so they can appear on the General ballot. Please take time and SHARE this content with everyone out there if you would like to have candidates win who support Governor Dunleavy's agenda of protecting the PFD and lowering the footprint of government to a level we can afford.