About Bert...

Bert Stedman is a perfect example why we should have term limits. He has overstayed his ability to represent his constituents or Alaska. 


Bert has voted to support bloated budgets for years. He is one of the main reasons why Alaska continues to deficit spend. He has put his signature on over $16 billion taken from our Constitution Budget Reserve over the last 5 years instead of entertaining any conversation about living within our means. Due to his unbridled support of a runaway budget, Bert has been one of the main proponents to capture your PFD for government use. 


If you look deep into state financing you will see Bert supporting highway infrastructure in Sitka which will connect to his own property. He has no problem using state funds to advance his personal financial portfolio. 

As Co-Chair of Senate Finance committee he is one of 6 legislators who run the legislature. 

Many of his policies are in direct opposition to Governor Dunleavy's desire to live within our means. Currently, Bert is attempting to direct federal funds so they, more than likely, will go to his special interest groups instead of assisting all Alaskans. He is Co-Chair of Senate Finance with Natasha Von Imhof who has made overt statements to create "intent language" into the federal assistance money to direct the money to the programs she prefers.