Liberty Candidates....

So what does the term "liberty candidates" mean?

This is a general term but overall the vast amount of candidates listed believe:

1. The PFD belongs to you not the government based on the traditional formula.

2. They have issues with any binding caucus rules

3. They want government to live within it's means

4. They do not promote any taxing formulas 

5. They believe that the legislature should meet in an area of the state which is

    accessible to all Alaskans.

6. They believe that the legislature should be forced to follow all laws or change them.

7. They believe that all laws and appropriations should be Constitutional.

8. They do not believe in "pots of money set aside" outside legislative appropriation

9. They believe that if you run as a Republican you should caucus as a Republican

10. They demand a Constitutional spending cap which aligns with our incoming                revenues which is population and inflation adjusted and has the authority to 

    use 1/2 of the Earnings Reserve as a means to identify a state budget 

List of current Candidates ( to be added as time proceeds )

Senate Liberty Candidates:

Roger Holland challenging Senator Cathy Giessel    District N

Stephen Duplantis challenging Senator Natasha Von Imhof  District L

Stephen Wright challenging Senator David Wilson      District D

Robb Myers ( R ) challenging Marni Sanford ( I )

Senator Shelley Hughes  District F

House Liberty Candidates:

James Kaufman challenging Suzanne LaFrance  District 28

Ron Gillham   District 30

Tom McKay District 24

David Nelson  District 15

Kevin McCabe   District 8

Representative Mike Prax   District 3  unopposed

Ed King challenging Democrat Rep. Andi Story   District 34

Keith Kurber challenging Democrat Rep. Grier Hopkins   District 4

Republican Mike Cronk running in an open seat District 6

Republican Leslie Becker challenging Dan Ortiz District 36 

Republican Calvin Moto II challenging Donny Olsen District T   

Republican Dan Holmes challenging Democrat  Neal Foster District 39  

 District #13

Alaska Independence Party David Nees Primary District #22

Veterans Party Willy Keppell Challenging Stephany 

Zolkofsky  District #38

Republican Dan Holmes  District #39

Republican Kathy Henslee  District #24

Republican David Eastman  District #10

Republican Christopher Kurka  District #7

Republican Kevin McKinley  District #5

Republican Steve Thompson District #2

Republican Lynette Largent District #21

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