Senate President Cathy Giessel




Cathy runs a close competition with Senator Natasha Von Imhof as the most hated senator in Alaska. 


During her last election, 4 years ago Cathy was listening to many of her constituents extremely angry with her stance on the PFD.

Knowing this, Senator Giessel published an infamous Facebook video           


where she lied to her constituents only to gain favor and win the election. The moment she secured the victory Senator Giessel began directing the plot to dismantle the PFD program all together.


Additionally, as Senate President, she has done everything possible to resist any budget reductions the Governor has requested. 


Only currently, Senator Giessel is beginning to have conversations about incorporating an Income tax in order to temporarily sustain and unsustainable budget. 


If this senator is retained, Alaska will never look the same again. Her policies will have a direct impact on outward migration as many longtime Alaskans will not longer be able to reside and prosper here. 


Alaska, please pay attention. Special interests will line her campaign pocket with the coins of Judas.