About Chuck Kopp...



Chuck Kopp became know statewide when he was released from the Chief of Police in Kenai for extra curricular activity. He showed up in Governor Palin's administration for 2 weeks until it was confirmed to the governor that Mr. Kopp had a zipper issue...

Chuck ran for an was elected to the House representing District 24. 

During his short tenure, he is famous for two issues. First, his adamant support of SB 91 which was encouraging vandalism all over Alaska. You would think that a man with a substantial law enforcement background would know better. 

His second claim to fame was to cross the aisle and caucus with the Democrats, effectively handing them control of the House leadership. For his allegiance, the Democrats awarded him with the Chair of the Rules committee which is the last stop for bills to hit the House floor. 

Anyone who dials in Gavel to Gavel will instantly recognize Chuck Kopp as he disrupts his unfavorable House members with a diatribe of Mason's Rules. He has become Speaker Egmon's lap dog. Multiple times there was ZERO basis for Representative Kopp's point of order, but it does not matter to The Speaker. He has a 100% track record going with Chuck which effectively quashes any narrative of any representative they have targeted.  

It is Kabuki Theater in it's finest. 

Don't fall for this man's attempt to promote his christian values. Christians don't tax children of half their income. Representative Chuck Kopp is a ring leader joining others in destroying the PFD program all together.