About John...

John Coghill began showing his disdain for the Permanent Fund Dividend a couple years ago when he got up and walked out of a senate committee meeting conducted by then, Senator Dunleavy. Since then, John has written narratives that he does not believe the PFD should be protected in the State Constitution. It has became obvious that he is interested in the total PFD program become extinct and that money moved over to government to spend on protecting, sustaining and growing more government at the expense of the private sector. 

John is a typical Republican who hides behind the idea of limited government when he has promoted and passed every deficit budget we have had in the last 5 years. His actions will lead the State of Alaska into a major conflict within 3 years, and that is, all the savings accounts will be exhausted and the only pot left to fund government will be the corpus of the Permanent Fund. 

As senate representative of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Federal Areas, (CACFA) which was a citizens board formed to protect our sovereign rights against federal violations of ANILCA. There have been over 2,000 violations since 1982. This is the only board defunded by Governor Walker. Senator Coghill sat on his hands and said nothing. He hardly attended meeting but chose to send staff as his proxy.