Who is Gary Stevens...


Gary Stevens is the longest tenured Senator in the legislature and he has voted for every bloated budget during his tenure. During his terms, he has Chaired Education and University committees.


He was adamantly opposed to SJR9 which would have given legislators the option to fund other forms of Public Education. Senator Stevens would prefer children forced into attending failing schools than to give their parents options which could lead to better education outcomes.


Currently, Alaska is dead last in academic achievements at 4th grade reading and math and only 42nd by 8th grade, but we spend more than 99% other states for dismal results.    

The university system is a complete mess. We have 3 main university campuses and 13 satellite campuses for a very small population. The respective universities don't even accept cross university credits. UAA is not accredited in many of their degree programs. The university system is a Lands Grant system but very little has been done to promote their own self sufficiency. This failure in education from K-12 through university degree is legislatively directed by Senator Stevens. This is his legacy!