Bio on John Cox...


Currently serving as Trustee; Audits organizations

official financial records.


Owner ~ Puppy Loves Biscuits.


Served in the United States Navy; 29 yrs. 27 days In the Navy I taught SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape)

and co-developed the tools currently used to train soldiers and sailors, (subject to high risk of capture) how to survive as a POW in a world where rules no longer apply to include: PDAS (Peace Time Detention Hostage Situation) terrorist Situations

DEST (Desert Evasion Survival Training)

JEST (Jungle Evasion Survival Training)


Collateral Duties;


· Command Financial Specialist. Helped service members get out of debt and develop a savings plan. / investments. Something that the State desperately needs 


· Command Physical Fitness Coordinator.


Served as the Post Commander of the VFW Post 10221 for two years.

Served on the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce as;

* President of the Chamber of Commerce (2yrs)

* Director of Community Development (2yrs)

* Served on the Friends of the NRA Homer

* Chairman (2yrs)

* Board Member (5yrs)

* Range Master


Became a Mason / Lodge 11 Kenia


Business Owner of: Smokin; a fine cigar and loose tobacco store.

Business Owner of: Cheaper than a Broken Hip (Snow removal and Sanding Business)

Professional Locksmith




My background is solid, middle class American. Father of three and Grandfather of three.


I have three brothers and three sisters. MY father served in the U.S. Army for 27 years and Mom was a homemaker. My siblings are successful professionals, consisting of a Physician Assistant, a Construction Company owner, a Sales Rep, Business Owner, Teacher and a Lawyer. Oldest brother served in the US Air Force and my youngest brother served as a U.S. Army Jag. Our parents taught us the value of a dollar and how hard every person had to work for it, and I want to make sure you keep that hard what is truly yours.


I joined the U.S. Navy after graduation from Bartlett, Anchorage Alaska, and worked on my college degrees, (2X) while serving. The Navy taught me skills for which I am forever grateful. It also taught me

that I can succeed at anything if I work hard enough. I still have a strong desire to protect the People, the Constitution, the Law, and your individual rights.


When I enlisted, I took an oath to support, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Once I retired I gave up my uniform but did not give up my oath to support, and defend the Constitution.


First and foremost, I am a Patriot, and not a Politician! I know what it means to serve our country. I believe I am fully qualified to serve as a Representative. I am here to fight not just for our District but all Alaskans.