About Gary Knopp...

Two years ago Gary Knopp singlehandedly threw the Republican Majority caucus under the bus.  His refusal to caucus with the Republicans, even though he ran as a Republican was the hinge vote. Ultimately, he and other turncoat Republicans walked away from their own Party and handed the Democrats control to the Speaker of the House and control of the Majority caucus. 

Based on a background search, Gary Knopp had been a registered Democrat for years but understood that to get elected to the legislature from a very Republican conservative district, he would have to change his stripes. 

Once in office, his true colors began to shine. Gary has helped to lead the House in the PFD grab. He has been in direct opposition to Governor Dunleavy's agenda of living within our means. Gary Knopp is a perfect example of a candidate who is self absorbed. For this, he is one of the largest targets in the entire state of Alaska. There is a huge following to get rid of him as a representative of himself. Stay tuned.