Introducing Marna Sanford...

Many people may ask why Marna exists on this page as all other candidates are registered Republicans. Well first, she is a very unique Alaskan politician in that she is refreshingly honest.  This probably comes from the fact that she was raised in Tok, Alaska.


Marna seems to want to promote an agenda for Alaskans, not for an "identified party." She is running as an Independent which usually is "code speak" for Democrat, but she may well be a true independent. Additionally the Republican challenger for John Coghill, Robb Myer is running an anemic campaign which is not going to be effective against John Coghill. Robb advocates an income tax for the State of Alaska. The last thing our floundering economy needs right now is another tax burden on the working sector.  


I find her approach very refreshing as she is willing to have an intelligent conversation with anyone and listen to multiple sides of complex issues such as the PFD and the State Budget. 


She does not come off like a "lockstep" partisan at all. 


Marna currently sits on the North Star Borough Assembly. She has acquired the education and experience to be able to evaluate complex issues and work with a host of diverse attitudes and cultures. 


Ultimately, Alaska would be well served replacing John Coghill with Marna Sanford. John Coghill has lost his ability to legislate for ALL Alaskans. He is intimately involved in the current "ruling class" in the Senate and we all have enough experience to know what that means.