Who is Natasha Von Imhof...

Natasha was born into a home of privilege. She is the granddaughter of old time banking icon Elmer Rasmuson.

After serving a few years on the Anchorage School Board, Natasha set her sites on Senate District L when the current Senator Lesil McGuire decided to retire. 

Winning the election in 2016 it did not take Natasha long to gain the favor of Senate President Cathy Giessel who assigned her Co-Chair of the powerful Senate Finance committee.

It was a good fit as President Giessel knew that Senator Von Imhof was particularly interested in dismantling the PFD program. She has been extremely efficient in getting a majority of the senators with the help of many Democrat senators to promote her position. 

Senator Von Imhof was one of the main proponents to drive the PFD funding source away from the traditional Earnings Reserve so she could label the program "unsustainable" and a "government expense." By employing these tactics, she has attempted to identify the PFD program as the largest "government spend" program putting it in direct opposition to public education and Human Health and services programs. Her motive was to make Alaskans look greedy instead of her legislative actions. 

Senator Von Imhof is also an major proponent of SB 26 which set up a POMV spending model to supplement state spending at a rate where no cuts were proposed. She has always been a proponent of large government at the expense of everyone who once received a full PFD. It is certain that her financial needs will encourage statewide taxing formulas if she is re-elected to the legislature. She may talk a good game in opposition of a State income tax but anyone who follows state budgets knows this is her next obvious move.

Finally, Senator Von Imhof is a huge champion of channeling state money to non profit programs. She currently sits on the Board of the Rasmuson Foundation as the treasurer which would illuminate her passion for directing funds toward non profit programs. Currently, she is attempting to direct "intent language" into the federal stimulus program to do exactly that!