Following are current Representative of Alaska and candidates who have stepped forward and signed this document of support for the traditional ( lawful ) support of the PFD and the return of the PFD deductions taken over the past years. Thank you to all who are stepping up in support.   

Senator Shelley Hughes Republican candidate in general election

Representative David Eastman Republican candidate in the general election

Senator Bill Wielechowski (D) will be

challenging Madeleine Gaiser (R) in the general

Challenger David Nees (AIP) will be

challenging Sara Rasmussen in the general election

Challenger Dan Holmes (R) will be

challenging Representative Neal Foster (D) in the general

Challenger Evan Eades will be challenging Robb Myers(R) in the general

 Roger Holland Republican candidate in the general election

Stephen Duplantis (R) write-in candidate against Senator Natasha Von Imhof  in the general election

Leslie Becker (R) is running against Dan Ortiz (I) in the general

Carolyn Clift (I) will be be running 

in District N in the general

Greg Madden (AIP) will be challenging Senator Gary Stevens in the general.

Lynette Hinz (D) will be running in the general for District N 


Challenger Willy Keppel (VP) will be challenging Representative Tiffany Zulkosky (D) in the general

Kevin McCabe Republican candidate District 8

Senator Mike Shower (R) 

Robb Myers Republican candidate in the general election.

Mike Cronk Republican candidate in the general election

Cristopher Kurka Republican candidate District 7 in the general election

Lynette Largent (R) is challenging Representative Matt Claman  District 21

 in the general

Madeleine Gaiser (R) will be challenging 

Senator Wielechowski (D) in the general