Revak's recent response to the

the binding caucus...

"What he is saying is not true. I am and have been an advocate for unity among Republicans and a strong supporter of my colleagues, even when slandered in return.

How would it make sense that I’d not be given staff when coming brand-new into Senate Majority? It wouldn’t make sense.

I did sign a binding caucus agreement. I committed to do so in front of everyone prior to confirmation.

This has been a practice in countless groups for hundreds of years. That’s how a majority is formed- we all agree to support one another in the end, after we’ve all had a say in the process. It’s not rocket science. If we didn’t,
then how would you ever get a majority vote on anything? It’s unfortunate to see some folks doing nothing but criticizing others. I’ve been slandered quite a bit with lately. Beware of the professional victims out there."

​Through his own admission, Senator Revak clearly states that he agreed to sign the Binding Caucus Rule prior to confirmation. This brings into question the legal manipulation of senator representatives who are coerced to sign a binding agreement in order to receive favors such as committee Chairs, committee placement, larger offices and additional staff. Keep in mind, these benefits are bestowed on the recipients who must pledge a "yes" vote to the operating budget, capital budget and now the PFD appropriation prior to ever knowing what the final work product will be. These actions by the Legislative leadership are a clear example of bribery and coercion. ​

It is time Alaskans are represented by the candidates they choose and not by a select few in leadership. This may well be a legal issue.