My name is Roger Holland


I am running to serve as an honest, sensible, and honorable Republican in the Alaska legislature, but during this time of national crisis, I am temporarily pausing many campaign activities.


Holding “Meet & Greets” may be a thing of the past, and partisan politicking should be a low priority right now...

I will state that I am amazed that the Federal Government gets it! President Trump and the U.S. Congress have figured out how to get emergency funds into the hands of working Americans today, but our own Alaska State Legislature is still trying to figure out how to dedicate all Permanent Fund Dividend monies for state government spending. Our Alaska Legislators just don’t seem to get it!

On other pages of my website, you’ll find information on some of the issues that I care about, but on each of those pages, you’ll also find a huge box that asks you the question, “what do you think?” I have decided to run for Alaska State Senator for District N because I believe that our voices are not being heard, and our resources are not being handled wisely. I want and need to hear from you about what you want our future to look like.

The future is here.  We will have many tough decisions ahead. Let’s make sure we are headed in the right direction.