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Liberty loving candidates and their opposition

So what is a "liberty loving" candidate?

The primary challenge is that Alaska has been completely out of balance for years regarding our private / public sectors. 

Currently Alaska has almost 2.5 times more government than most other states in the nation. What this does is creates an economic environment dependent on government spend. The more money we spend, the more we stimulate the economic public sector to the detriment of the private sector. 

Most state governments derive the bulk of their revenue by taxing the private sector. Because there is very little private sector in Alaska, we are dependent on revenues generated from our common resource which are fossil fuels and directed for "government spend."

As we all know, oil and gas futures have an extremely inconsistent financial record.  As we direct the bulk of our state economy toward an almost total dependence on this revenue source, we encounter substantial boom and bust cycles and we are either in high cotton, where short sighted politicians pass legislation to grow government exponentially, which ensures a future of deficit budgets, or we are setting ourselves up for the raid on any monetary reserves to get past hard times. The recent plunder has been the Earnings Reserve and the PFD. Politicians are currently "decoupling" the PFD from the Earnings Reserve in order to plunder the fund with more effeciency.  

This plunder has had a direct, severe financial impact on Alaskans who do not derive their income either as a state employee or benefitting off excess state funding. This is commonly known as the "crony capitalist" side of the Republican Party and these politicians are referred to as RINOs which the bulk of this website is devoted to in revealing these "enemies of the private economy."

It should be noted that Democrats have very little issue with this economic argument as they are completely supportive of a "government economy." This is precisely why you see Democrats voting lockstep with bills which increase the government footprint. They are generally Socialists, Marxists or Communists which believe in the same thing that government must have the means of production. To what degree they believe this is to what definition they are on the "Socialist / Communist scale." 

So, what do we do? This last election cycle the citizens of Alaska elected many liberty loving less government candidates. This is precisely why our state government is so toxic right now. 
There are less "big government" Republicans in the ranks although many of the remainder are in leadership roles.

This coming election cycle we must replace these RINOs and replace as many Democrats as possible so we can hold accountable politicians to confront big government. This will not be easy as many of these politicians are "bought off" and with the new unlimited donation laws passed, the citizens of Alaska must be educated more than ever so our politicians are not elected to office because they made backroom deals with the "donation class."

Second, We The People must be willing to 'step up and vote YES for a Constitutional Convention. If you hear any candidate reluctant to support a Constitutional Convention, rest assured, they like the status quo and the financial mess this creates

Here is a link to the "liberty Candidates and their opposition.
This list will grow as the candidate field fills out.  


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