About Tom...

After receiving great encouragement from friends and family members, I have recently filed to run for House District 24 I look forward to being successful in this endeavor to earn the privilege of serving as your District 24 State House Representative.


We all know the current serious impacts the State of Alaska finds itself in, with state government over-spending, crashing oil prices, rampant crime, poor education results, and the COVID-19 virus. 


It is time for serious leadership in Juneau; we must to make some changes together as Alaskans.

After arriving in Alaska in 1980, after graduating as a Petroleum Engineer from Montana Tech in Butte, Montana, I have worked as an engineer for various oil companies including Amoco, ARCO Alaska, ConocoPhillips, and BlueCrest Energy Alaska. Most of my career as a licensed professional engineer has been conducted in Alaska. I have worked for large oil companies and very small companies as well, and as such I know both ends of the industry. I know what the industry needs to flourish and provide good jobs for Alaskans, and to continue to provide the private sector funding needed to also shore up a solid public sector.

If you are like me, you are sick and tired of watching the political games being played out in Juneau.


There has been a total failure of our Legislature to even try to work with Governor Dunleavy, a duly elected Governor who was elected to reduce the size of our state government in a mature way.


Unfortunately, our current crop of majority legislators have fought against every step of the way. Not to mention the Legislature’s arrogant raid on our Permanent Fund Dividends, a raid that began with the actions taken by Governor Bill Walker in his desire to grow more unaccountable government.

What I also find disgusting, like you, is the enormous level of crime and chaos ongoing in our community. People are shoplifting on a regular basis in our local grocery stores without any punishment. Car theft is still rampant across the state. I am sick and tired of our Legislature’s lax approach to crime, starting with the unbelievable SB-91 which my opponent Chuck Kopp totally embraced!  What was he thinking at both the city and state levels? He has a background in law enforcement. He, of all legislators should have known better! We have to make changes this next election.

I am a common sense Republican, dedicated to the proven principles that have worked so well for our state and nation since the time of Abraham Lincoln. Like you.


 I am sickened by the Progressive Left and Mainstream Media who are attempting to destroy our country and implement their socialist vision for America.


My Dad was in the 101st Airborne in the U.S. Army. He instilled in me a great appreciation of patriotic American values. I can no longer stand by ideally watching what is happening to our state and nation.


Children in our public schools do not even know what the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem are. This cannot continue.

We need to get back to the fundamental principles which made America and Alaska great.


I humbly as you to join me in this campaign so we can make significant positive change in Juneau together.